St. Gabriel's Anglican Church - Greeley Colorado

St. Gabriel's Celebrates 25 Years in 2008

In 2005, they applied for and received a designation as a historic landmark for the 100+ yr.-old building in an old section of Greeley.

The 4th of July parade goes right past the front of the church, so the Parishioners plan a picnic/bar-b-que in the yard every year and gather on the porch to watch the parade.
The area of town where the church is located is low-income, and they see many of the homeless daily. Many years ago, the daughters of Joseph Trowel, who has served as Senior Warden, started the Food Shelf - a neighborhood ministry which sees more and more need every year.

The priest is Father Kern who lives in the upper floor of the building. The sanctuary is on the ground level. The parish is meticulous about maintaining the building and every year they designate a project to its preservation - everything from laying rock on the walkways to painting to repairs.

St. Gabriel's Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite
1103 10th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80631
Rev. Mr. Alfred Sturges - Deacon in Charge

(970) 356-2786

More about St. Gabriel's

April 16, 1983, was the first service recorded for St. Gabriel’s with Fr. Gregory Harring (formerly of the Diocese of Nebraska) celebrating. At that time, services were held at the United Bretheran Evangelical Church. June 3, 1984, St. Gabriel’s services were moved to the First Christian Church. By then, Mass was celebrated by Fr. Quintana, Fr. Parry, or Fr. Brainard (all of St. Mary’s, Denver), or by Father Rudd of Estes Park.

The parish moved to its current location on Sept. 24, 1986. However, the building was leased until the following year when the parish was able to purchase it. In 2005, St. Gabriel’s applied for and was granted “historic building” designation, thus protecting the building.

St. Gabriel’s hosted the Diocesan Synod in May, 1990. Later that year, Dec. 23, Fr. Lynn Glenn celebrated his first Mass there. Currently, Fr. Lawrence Kern was the priest-in-charge. The Parish of St. Gabriel takes a great deal of pride in preserving and improving the appearance of the church. Decorative work that is now behind the altar was given to the church by Bell Wells from Estes Park. Also worthy of noting is the dedication shown by the members of the Parish.

Vaughn Trout has served as Lay Reader, Senior and Junior Warden. Also serving terms as Senior Warden are Jack Bengtson, Ken Hobbs, and DeAnn Rowe. Those who have served terms as Junior Warden are Sid and Velda Baldridge and DeAnn Rowe. Irene Bengston has served the Parish as Treasurer, a position now held by Cheta Lebsack. Fr. Kern and the Parish sent this message: “It’s amazing how St. Gabriel’s has evolved over the years. We look forward to furthering its history in the years to come and providing service to our community.”

NEW:Deacon Alfred Sturges has been the Deacon in Charge of St. Gabriels Holy Catholic Anglican Church since the passing away of Fr. Kern. Deacon Alfred brings enthusiasm and fervor into the celebration of the Liturgy.